Bellbrook Ohio

Green Transportation Technology


113 moto power system has a 50 to 100 mile range with out peddling double that if you add human power.

I build and ride these bikes every day they are put to the test hard core

The battery motor and controller are pushed hard and the equipment performs excellent.

They are ridden on rails to trails paths, in the hard core city traffic, and out in the country on long distance rides and see all kinds of terrain  on a 50 mile ride

They have the ability to climb long steep grades with power to spare

They are simple and very reliable.

Safety is first which boils down to the equipment has to be strong

The brake system must be capable of stopping a 70 lb. bike with a 260lb. rider on it ME! at 40 mph quick

Our set up will do that and more.

The front forks must be stout enough to handle negative G forces with out flexing while still

providing stable handling.

We use a motorcycle style triple tree inverted adjustable front fork from down hill bikes and it kicks ass.

Our frame of choice is the enduro bike for their rugged strength, that frame can handle the pounding they get off road using them as a commuter on the asphalt is a piece of cake

The full suspension makes the ride smooth acd comfortable

The optional moto seat is the icing on the cake

The rims are of quality construction and strong they utilize reinforced spoke eyelets

The tires are tough and efficient with a low roll resistance this means greater distance on less battery.

Everything is their to make up a great ride the only thing that is needed is a rider with enough sence to handle it.

This is not a toy or something to take lightly you miss use it and you will get busted up

Treat it and your surroundings with respect  and you will have many years of use and a very affordable

means of transportation that utilizes renewable clean energy.