Engine Suspension Fueling

I've been tuning for 50 years and a lot of things have changed since the 60's 

Back in the day you would change a few jets and needles, go out and have fun and call it a test ride, stop and pull a plug and take a look see.

We were best guessing and I've done a ton of them like that, and got pretty dam good results from that old school way. You really get good at taking carburetors off and on.

Now days thank God we use wide band AFR instruments and lap top computers to look at the air fuel ratios through out the entire rpm range in real time on the fly, and some of our EFI Super Motos you can make the needed adjustments right then and their while you are doing 95 MPH sounds smart to me.     I am just kidding I don't do that anymore. ( Makes for a interesting test ride still fun but you are looking at a lot of numbers on the real scary ones we use a go pro and video the whole thing come back to the shop and check out the video. 

A whole lata mo better, with this info you can get it dead on for max performance and a clean efficient burning motor.

First weld a 02 bung into the header system if it does not already have one.

Second hook up test equipment and see what the numbers have to say,  jets and needles can be changed on carburetors to bring the numbers around to where we want them to be for best performance and economy.

The same thing applies to the EFI bikes but there are no jets and needles to change you work with a fuel controller and clicks of a mouse to make whatever changes that need to be made (SWEET) no taking carburetors on and off 100 times

And long story short that's how we do it.